Our Business & Vessels are 100% Locally Owned & Operated
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Our Business & Vessels are 100% Locally Owned & Operated

Giant Trevally & Reef Popper Fishing

With the most extensive and diverse reefs along the entirety of the Great Barrier Reef this style of fishing is very much in demand. It is visual and very exciting. We exclusively manage only the best in the region.

It is a very specialised form of fishing requiring expertise and the highest standard of fishing tackle. Target species include the mighty giant trevally as well as renowned surface fish across the top of the reef systems such as the coral trout, red bass, mackerel and emperor species.

This style of fishing can also include using stick baits and various soft plastics designed for the rigours of tangling with these hard fighting fish. The average size of these fish range from 10kg – 35kg for Giant Trevally, 5kg – 10kg for Coral Trout, 5kg – 10kg for Red Bass, 5kg – 20kg for Mackerel and 5kg – 10kg for the Emperor variety.

Daily trips will see you travel to destinations such as Batt Reef, Tongue Reef, Opal Reef, Rudder Reef and Undine Reef. Extended trips can take you through the entirety of the Ribbon Reefs, Jewell Reef and beyond.

Giant Trevally & Reef Popper Fishing Charters

Saltaire Popper Fishing

With comfort, speed and great service on your side you will be amongst the serious action on offer including Coral Trout, GT, Red Emperor, Nannygai, Mackerel amongst a host of others.

Exceed Sportfishing | Popper Fishing

Personally guided by our experienced skipper with 10 years experience on local waters you are well and truly on your way to having a wonderful fishing experience.

Shaka game boat
Shaka Game Boat

This beautifully appointed 60ft game boat is available for overnight charters catering for all your Great Barrier Reef experiences including heavy tackle and light tackle game fishing, popper fishing, reef fishing, snorkelling /diving and island/sand cay trips. Fully catered for, destinations include from Cairns, Port Douglas, Cooktown and Lizard Island and more